RAW Results – May 19th, 2014

  • Monday May 19th, 2014
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Mark Henry versus Dolph Ziggler in a Beat the Clock Match (time to beat 4:15)
Henry misses a clothesline but he does not miss with a shoulder tackle. Henry with a running power slam for a near fall. Ziggler rolls to the apron but Henry brings him back into the ring with a hip toss. The referee checks on Ziggler and Dolph rolls to the floor. Ziggler struggles to get back into the ring and Henry with an Irish whip. Ziggler with an uppercut.

Ziggler leaps over Henry from the turnbuckles and he hits a Fameasser for a near fall. Ziggler gets sent to the floor by Henry. Ziggler gets back into the ring and hits a drop kick. Ziggler with another drop kick and both men are down.

Ziggler gets a near fall but Henry with a powerful kick out that sends Ziggler back to the apron. Ziggler goes up top but Henry catches him on a cross body and Henry with a power slam for a near fall. Henry takes his time picking up Henry for the World’s Strongest Slam but Ziggler gets to his feet and he hits a Zig Zag. Time runs out before Ziggler can cover Henry.

Time Limit

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One thought on “RAW Results – May 19th, 2014

  1. TheDominator
    Posted on May 20th, 2014

    Last night’s raw was awesome!!! ;)

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